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There are many considerations to be taken into account when you decide to choose an Executive Franchise as a couple. Here we look at these considerations and provide a few examples successful .
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Executive Franchises for Couples

Working together as a couple within an executive based business has many benefits, not least that workloads are shared and the prospects are growth are doubled. What’s more for the couple who each bring a varied skill set to the table the pressure upon the franchise owner to be all things to all people can be considerably reduced.

Key considerations when choosing an executive franchise as a couple:

  • Executive Franchises For Couples | Couple Business OpportunitiesThink carefully about the industry that may suit you both and allow each of you to excel within your respective business roles.
  • Consider the financial investment that you are willing to make, how you will manage your personal finances why your business gets off the ground and talk through the ideal turnover potential that your franchise opportunity may offer.
  • Appreciate that running any business is stressful and that you will both need to be cool, calm and collected if you are to successfully work alongside each other, particularly as the business grows initially.
  • Think about the type of business that would benefit your working preferences. If one of you loves to be active and out meeting people, whilst the other prefers to be home based, look for a company that allows for both roles on a full time basis.

Here we give a few examples of Executive Franchises for Couples:

PTC Sports Franchise

Personal Investment Required:£5,000

Overall Start-Up Cost: £14,995

This business could see you providing fun filled sports training to youngsters within your local area.

This is a perfect example of a franchise where differing skills and work preferences can come into play. Where one person may handle the physical coaching, the other may look after the office based tasks, such as marketing, finances and admin.

Executive Franchises For Couples | Couple Business Opportunities

PTC Sports have an exceptional bid writing team who can help you and organisations source funding to provide young children with sports provision. No other competitor can offer this service.

There is an exceptional line up of ambassadors with PTC Sports that include former Premier League footballers Muzzy Izzet, Steve Claridge and Steve Walsh, along with former England cricketer Paul Nixon. These elite sports stars have played their respective sports at the highest level for many years and are now part of PTC Sports, inspiring the next gerneration.

Executive Franchises For Couples | Couple Business Opportunities

Select Appointments

Personal Investment Required:£7,250

Overall Start-Up Cost: £7,250 (approx)

This is a Recruitment Management Franchise.

If you or your partner have a commercial background, with sales and people skills, are enterprising and prepared to take an active business role, the Select Appointments Franchise will provide you with everything else you need to run a successful business.

There are currently 28 Select franchise offices in operation throughout the UK and Select has clear aspirations to increase to reach 100 during the next five years. There are four franchise models, each come with different investment levels and support programmes, depending on where you want to start your journey into recruitment.

Jaspers Catering

Personal Investment Required:£40,000

Overall Start-Up Cost: £120,000 (approx)

Jasper's is a unique Corporate Food Franchise for those who love great service, people and most importantly food!

Jasper's provide catering for some of the biggest companies in the UK such as BSKYB, Lloyds TSB, and the NHS. They have thousands of clients who need their services today.

Executive Franchises For Couples | Couple Business Opportunities

Jasper's seeks individuals (or couples) who want to learn and thrive. This is a unique franchise opportunity. Jasper's systems, technology and exciting products provide the right people with THE most forward thinking food franchise opportunity in the UK!

This unique Corporate Food Franchise opportunity isn't available to just anyone. Jasper's need the right kind of people with the right skills. They need to be; open minded, hardworking, disciplined, positive and ambitious.

If you’re looking for THE food Franchise, then Jasper's is it!

Executive Franchises For Couples | Couple Business Opportunities


Personal Investment Required:£6,000

Overall Start-Up Cost: £9,000

Telecommunications is a resilient and growing industry sector estimated to be worth £39 billion each year in the UK alone. As a franchise owner you would operate as your own telecoms provider offering a complete range of services including:

  • mobiles
  • landlines
  • broadband
  • and next generation services.

Telcoinabox's proven business model ensures you “Just add customers". Using Telcoinabox's proven blueprint gives you limitless potential in a market where anyone can be a customer. All you need is a computer, phone, internet connection and a network of potential customers to start your own value-added and self-branded telecommunications business. The earning potential with the Telcoinabox Business has no limits.

If you have not found the franchise that you are looking for here, explore leading UK Franchises for Couples and explore further by requesting FREE Franchise Information Packs on the franchises that interest you. If you can't find the right franchise why not try our Search facility.

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Executive franchises and Management franchises from White Collar Franchise. Explore starting a professional business to business franchise, management franchise or executive franchise opportunity. UK Franchise news, franchisee case studies and franchise resources are all available to help start your own white collar franchise.

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