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Westbrooke Associates represent over 200 years of industry experience. Incorporated during the post-pandemic, they onboarded existing clients, companies and individuals enabling them to provide sound investment opportunities in corporate equity.
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Westbrooke Associates: Meeting the Needs of the Armchair Investor

Undoubtedly the backbone of any economy, emerging businesses can also generate investor capital, diversify portfolios and carry the potential for significant returns.

Filtering relevant information and helping investors transcend a fluctuating market, Westbrooke Associates unearth corporate equity opportunities for the time-poor, risk-conscious armchair investor.

With access to profitable investments incorporating excellent track records, disruptive product lines and various innovative revenue streams, Westbrooke Associates is committed to identifying the sectors with staying power.

Designed to save the armchair investor time, hassle and ensure informed decision making, the Gibraltar-based brokerage supports and scales growth in the British businesses you believe in. They place focus on stringent due diligence surrounding financial forecasts, valuations, stakeholder and commercial aspects, tax advantages and business plans.

Westbrooke Associates Afford Diversification

Moreover, the opportunities on offer not only support early-stage businesses, they also offer UK tax payers some astounding tax advantages. These transparent EIS and SEIS investment opportunities also have high-growth potential, afford you with diversification and loss protection in the form of loss relief.

Westbrooke Associates are now offering seed fundraise investment opportunities in the following high-growth sectors:

  • Media and Broadcasting: modelled on a highly successful US business worth over £20bn, this network is underlining its market position as Britain’s biggest live podcast by working with some of the most notable names in entertainment.

  • Food and Beverages: a unique opportunity for investors to invest in a sophisticated, celebrity-endorsed, sought-after brand that’s already taken Abu Dhabi beach clubs by storm.

  • Angel Investor Platforms: one of the fastest growing online platforms in the UK, connecting angel investors with early-stage impact companies, revenue is projected to reach £12 million by 2024.

Catapulting Expansion

Auditing the defining characteristics of the types of businesses you believe in, Westbrooke Associates power UK government-approved enterprises with the equity they need to catapult expansion, whilst helping investors capture diverse and attractive returns. It’s a win-win!

For more information visit Westbrooke Associates or call 0203 745 0294.

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