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What is an Executive Franchise?
For professional people looking for a new career outside of coventional employment, an executive franchise could be the answer. WhiteCollarFranchise introduces this business sector.

What is an Executive Franchise?

  • Are you tired of working hard for someone else's benefit?
  • Have you got years of professional white collar business experience?
  • For all your skills and qualities, are you paid what you believe you are worth? 

Then you should consider an Executive Franchise, and here on WhiteCollarFranchise.co.uk, we have all the UK's leading executive franchises, ready and waiting for you to explore!

Original WhiteCollarFranchise ArtworkAn Executive Franchise Explained

An executive franchise is primarily business to business in nature.  Depending on the business model this will mean that your role as a franchisee will see you facing up to senior business decision makers, looking to get them to sign up to your services.  So, the big question to ask yourself is are you comfortable and confident in dealing with business directors? 

Of course, the franchisor will arm you with the training and tools to sell succesfully, after all, its a proven business system that you are looking to replicate, but in the majority of franchises you are still going to need to sell yourself to a potential client, as well as the business offering.

An executive franchise itself can cover many different industry sectors such as consultancy, coaching, financial services, legal services, recruitment, IT and more - but the nature of the business model can vary a lot too.  Some are home-based sole-operator franchises, abeit you may team up with fellow franchisees.

You may not need to employ staff.  Some may require an office-base, and staff that you manage.  Explore different executive franchises to discover for yourself the range of opportunities that exist.

You dont necessarily need specific qualifications, particularly if you have strong 'people skills' and a very positive attitude, however for some franchises, such as in accountancy, you may require certain qualifications as a pre-requisite to becoming a franchisee.

Helping people discover franchising since 2007

Executive FranchisesWhen WhiteCollarFranchise launched in April 2007, we used the Executive Franchise and Recruitment Exhibition as our launch event. 

With hundreds of executives being made redundant every month, very few knew that franchising held the opportunites that would utilise their skills and experience, and enable them to achieve their career and lifestyle goals. 

We met dozens of frustrated professional business people, open to starting a business, yet they never realised that franchising offered executive franchises that could be exactly what they were looking for!

Executive Franchises - "More than fast food and coffee!"

We introduced hundreds of people to our clients, professional franchise opportunities, at that show, and since then thousands of people every month explore the world of executive franchising through WhiteCollarFranchises.co.uk.  You can too, and when you do, you'll unlock a world of professional business opportunities that will utilise your skills, experience and network and enable you to earn what you are worth! 

Check out the exciting array of franchise case studies to see great examples of what people are achieving who have been in the position that perhaps you are now.

With an executive business opportunity, you can combine your existing skills and experience with a professional business model, established brand and become part of an existing franchise network of like-minded people who are also achieving success in that franchise.

You get thorough training, and ongoing support, as the franchise is a working partnership that enables you, the franchisee, to achieve success in parallel with your franchisor.  One party cant be successful without the other.

In these 'White Collar' franchises, the network of fellow franchisees around you is vital to supporting you and gives you a massive advantage over non-franchised stand-alone competitors.

So, start searching now and if you 'follow the system' and work hard, you too can experience the satisfaction of running your own successful business. Control your own destiny with WhiteCollarFranchise.co.uk.


Executive franchises and Management franchises from White Collar Franchise. Explore starting a professional business to business franchise, management franchise or executive franchise opportunity. UK Franchise news, franchisee case studies and franchise resources are all available to help start your own white collar franchise.

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