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Trendscout Connect Groundbreaking Entrepreneurs and Ambitious Angel Investors. By purchasing shares in the Trendscout Business you will benefit from 30% Income Tax Relief and be exempted for Capital Gains Tax on profits from the sale of shares.
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  • BFA Membership Status-
  • UK Years EstablishedNew Launch
  • Current UK Coverage0%
  • Franchisee Support Staff0
  • Total Startup Cost£10,000
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Trendscout's projected revenue by the year 2024 is £12million!
Explore purchasing shares in the Trendscout Business Opportunity now! 

Trendscout believe founders and entrepreneurs are important to drive a strong global economy and a better world. From cutting edge technical advances to sustainable solutions that fight climate change, they work with high-potential startups that are advancing the way they see business.

With over 30 years of collective experience in investment, market research and risk strategy, Trendscout specialise in identifying high-potential opportunities, and connecting the right founder with the right angel investor.

Trendscout Business Investment | Purchasing shares in a business

Trendscout's team of experts research hundreds of startups each year, analysing the growth potential, mission and projection of every business they consider working with. Trendscout’s set criteria and due diligence practice means the startups and investors they work with are carefully and thoughtfully selected.

The Trendscout Business Investment 

  • Purchase shares in Trendscout
  • Own a share of all future start-ups on the platform
  • Anticipated returns of 3x of investment capital after 3 years
  • Green, Ethical, Socially beneficial, Sustainable Investment
  • HMRC approved Enterprise Investment Scheme

Why invest in early-stage start-ups?

Reports show that a £20,000 investment in the angel round for the taxi-disrupting car hailing service would now be in excess of £50 million.

Y-Combinator invested £20,000 for 6% of the company in Airbnb. The company now is worth £31 billion and Y-Combinator’s stake now is estimated to be worth about £890 million, more than a 44,000x return on their £20,000!

Sustainable Responsible Investment

 Trendscout Business Investment | Purchasing shares in a business

 Company Highlights

  • Projected £12million revenue by the year 2024
  • Partners with Amazon Web Services and Hubspot
  • 200+ start-ups are part of their growing database
  • 4000+ Investors in their growing network
  • £5m+ investment raised by the start-ups on their platform

EIS Benefits for Investors

  • 30% Income Tax Relief
  • Defer Capital Gains Tax
  • Inheritance Tax Exemption
  • Loss Relief
  • Exempted for Capital Gains Tax on profits from the sale of shares

The UK’s Top Unicorns

  • Transferwise, valued at £2.93 billion
  • Benevolent AI, valued at £1.46 billion
  • Improbable, valued at £1.46 billion
  • Graphcore, valued at £1.24 billion

Find out more about Trendscout and investing in their online platform that connects investors and handpicked early-stage impact companies.
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Why Choose Us

Partners with Amazon Web Services and Hubspot

Anticipated returns of 3x of investment capital after 3 years

30% Income Tax Relief


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