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White Collar Franchise Case Studies

Executive and Management Franchise Success Stories and Franchisee Testimonials

Learn more about those who have been where you are now, and took the plunge to invest in their own white collar franchise.  These are real-life franchise case studies, examples of people who have achieved franchise success, and who can provide testimonials to their franchisor. 

Read the executive and management franchise case studies here, as starting your own business is one of the biggest decisions in life so these franchise case studies can be extremely helpful and give you the confidence you need to take the step into self-employment for yourself.

New management franchise testimonials and executive franchise case studies are being added frequently, so check back regularly for latest franchise case studies, or subscribe to RSS feeds.

Jason Runs His Nationwide Cleaners Franchise On The Isle Of Wight
Nationwide Cleaners Franchise
18th April 2017
A Nationwide Cleaners Franchise review from Jason on the Isle of Wight.

Martin Browne Is Bringing Corporate Experience To A Home-Grown Business
Tutor Doctor Franchise
23rd March 2017
Martin Browne has been running his Tutor Doctor franchise in Edinburgh since October 2016.

Meet a member of the Healthcare Partner Team
WPA Franchise
7th March 2017
Mark Tomlinson joined WPA in September 2010 as a franchisee in the South West.

Jasper's Catering Celebrates Network Expansion
Jasper's Catering Franchise
21st February 2017
Jasper’s Catering Franchise is celebrating the expansion of its network and first 2017 opening.

From Approved Contractor To Aspray Franchisee
Aspray Franchise
16th February 2017
Jack Connor was an approved contractor for Aspray and he is now a successful Aspray franchisee himself.

Nick Howes - Being a Product of the Product
Leadership Management UK Franchise
15th February 2017
Read below to find out more about Nick Howes from Leadership Management UK

Nationwide Cleaners Ticked The Right Boxes for Dil
Nationwide Cleaners Franchise
10th February 2017
Dil is the owner of Nationwide Cleaners in Farnborough.

Michael Anderson-Brown became Regional Partner for the Cambridge and Norwich territory six years ago
Business Partnership Franchise
2nd February 2017
Michael Anderson-Brown says that The Business Partnership is utterly fascinating if you love business, making deals and enjoy a challenge.

Greg Towers is the longest standing regional partner in The Business Partnership
Business Partnership Franchise
26th January 2017
Greg Towers is proud to be the longest standing regional partner in The Business Partnership.

Dominic Baines Set Up His No Letting Go Franchise In November 2014
No Letting Go Franchise
19th January 2017
Following a long career in banking Dominic Baines started his No Letting Go business in Manchester South in November 2014.

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