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Testimonials from Maid2Clean Franchisees, the UK's No 1 Management cleaning franchise

28th January 2010

Read testimonials from Maid2Clean franchisees, the UK's No 1 Management cleaning franchise

Read testimonials from Maid2Clean Franchisees, the UK's No 1 Management cleaning franchise   

Maid2Clean FranchiseMy partner and I were fed up with the thought of working 9-5 for the rest of our lives which led us to looking on the internet for a way out. We weren't even sure what we were looking for. We looked up various franchises, but a lot of them needed a lot of money and time to start. We were both working full time, had a family and not much spare time or cash . We came across the Maid2Clean Franchise and decided to find out more, and Maid2clean ticked all the right boxes. We started our Franchise in September 2007 and have never looked back! We have had some challenges along the way, but with help from Elaine, Mike and the Forum we have always found a solution. I have now managed to go part time in my job and looking forward to being able to run the business full time in the not so distant future. The training and support is continually on offer and you never feel you are on your own. Every house needs to be kept clean and the demand is out there. Maid2Clean is without doubt the best decision we have ever made.

Chris and Jackie (Mansfield)

Maid2Clean FranchiseMy name is Wendy Davies. In 2006 I found out about ‘Maid2Clean’, and felt with my working situation at the time I could take on the franchise on a part time basis. I felt this would not impact on my other form of employment. Little did I realise how quick things change. In the three years I have been doing the franchise I decided to resign from my other position as the work grew. I enjoy the work, I meet and speak to many new people and feel that I am providing a valuable service. I have a good group of ladies who I find the work for and also believe the business can grow more. As with the present economic climate I have seen that people have tightened their purse string, yet there are those who situation has changed and are welcome of some domestic assistance. I feel that taking on the franchise was very worthwhile and I do fell it gives me a lot of self satisfaction.

Wendy Davies - Maid2Clean West Glam

Maid2Clean FranchiseI had spent a long time looking for a business that I can start at the right price, with a potential income to allow me to be comfortable in later life. I tried probably the same ventures as most people, things like online businesses, such as eBay, online stores, affiliate schemes, all of which returned a very small reward, no where near the promises they advertised. After eventually coming across Maid2Clean I was very pleased that i could obtain a real business that will afford me a comfortable living. I met with Mike & Elaine, talked over the business, the fact that it is residual income and will grow each month is very appealing. They are not offering you a pipe dream, but a real opportunity, that i only hoped I'd found sooner. But as the saying goes (better late than never). If you are prepared to put in the effort and listen to not only Mike & Elaine, but other franchisee's from the forum, there is no doubt in my mind that you will become successful. (As will I)

Brian Sheppard Maid2Clean (Wilmslow)

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Maid2Clean Franchise Case Studies

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3rd November 2014
Alison Oakley was introduced to Maid2Clean by a family member and it has now improved her working and family life, ten fold.

Kathy Sims opened her Maid2Clean business in February 2013 and has never looked back!
28th October 2014
Kathy Sims says that if you want to manage and control your own business, whilst having support where and when you need it then look no...

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4th June 2014
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Introducing Lesley Riley from Maid2Clean in Halifax
5th February 2014
Lesley Riley talks to us about her Maid2Clean business in Halifax and her plans for the future

Meet Danny Schindler from Maid2Clean Herts
20th August 2013
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13th June 2013
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11th April 2013
Fiona Price talks to us about her Maid2Clean business in Armagh and Down

Introducing Frances Poole from Maid2Clean West Lothian
7th February 2013
Frances Poole talks to us about her Maid2Clean business in West Lothian

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Maid2Clean runs its own cleaning agency as well as the franchise business. (85% of Franchisors cannot say the same)

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Thanks’ to Elaine for all your help and support, Hey and thanks to my best pal Lindy Lou.

Peter Atkins - Maid2Clean Fylde

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