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Testimonials from Maid2Clean Franchisees, the UK's No 1 Management cleaning franchise

20th January 2010

Read testimonials from Maid2Clean Franchisees, the UK's No 1 Management cleaning franchise

Read testimonials from Maid2Clean Franchisees, the UK's No 1 Management cleaning franchise 

Maid2Clean FranchiseMaid2clean provides a great comfort to me on top of my Pension. I can help my two sons a great deal in their lives, and take the time to master my laptop. With Maid2clean you do not “stand-alone.” The Franchisor has herself experienced all the potential problems that a Franchisee will come across and every question I have asked to date has been immediately dealt with.

I have found over the years that Elaine is contactable by office phone, mobile and email to offer advice and support.”The three-day on-site training at head office was very professional and covers the day-to-day running of the business. The Operations Manual is a complete training course in itself. Ready at a glance and for reference always. Written by the Franchisor who is operating and continually improving the business regularly.

Philip Harrison Maid2Clean Hull

Maid2Clean FranchiseThe two of us, after successfully running our own businesses for the last fifteen years decided the time was right to face a new challenge. Not wanting to put all our eggs in one basket we decided on a totally new venture - that's Maid2Clean. We can definitely say that our first year of running Maid2Clean Cambridge has been a real challenge and test for us but has also been rewarding in many ways. Being part of the Maid2Clean family has helped us develop new skills and opportunities. We are going from strength to strength and are beginning to reap the rewards.

The Girls from Cambridge. Eliza and Irina (Cambridge)

Maid2Clean FranchiseI bought Maid2Clean Manchester in November 2007 and a year later bought Oldham as a second territory. If you are dedicated, motivated and focused then this is a perfect opportunity to buy a business that will grow each month and give you a better quality of life. I wanted to dictate what I earn and to ensure that I have a future well into my pension years and not have to worry about the future. This is a business that you can still manage when you retire due to the style of the business plan and all the support and great facilities that is offered to you. If you need help or advice, you only have to ask and all franchisees are very supportive to each other, so you never feel like you are on your own.

I started my business whilst working full time as it gives you the flexibility and support to do that if you are not in a financial position to leave your current job. Once I hit a certain target I was able to go full time on my Maid2Clean and I am now steadily increasing my income each month which is something that you cannot do in full time employment. You do have to work hard and keep your foot on the pedal, but the rewards are well worth it and I would highly recommend a management franchise like this to anyone who is determined and wants more from life than just a job.

Justine and Mark Cooke

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Maid2Clean Franchise Case Studies

"Maid2Clean is a business that really does fit around family life!!" says Alison Oakley owner of Maid2Clean North Norfolk
3rd November 2014
Alison Oakley was introduced to Maid2Clean by a family member and it has now improved her working and family life, ten fold.

Kathy Sims opened her Maid2Clean business in February 2013 and has never looked back!
28th October 2014
Kathy Sims says that if you want to manage and control your own business, whilst having support where and when you need it then look no...

WhiteCollarFranchise are pleased to introduce Antony Cuzzocrea from Maid2Clean in West Berkshire
4th June 2014
Antony Cuzzocrea talks to WhiteCollarFranchise about his business in West Berkshire and why he chose Maid2Clean.

Introducing Lesley Riley from Maid2Clean in Halifax
5th February 2014
Lesley Riley talks to us about her Maid2Clean business in Halifax and her plans for the future

Meet Danny Schindler from Maid2Clean Herts
20th August 2013
Danny Schindler tells us why he chose Maid2Clean and his plans for the future

Introducing Judith Matheson from Maid2Clean Bourne
13th June 2013
Judith Matheson talks about a starting her businss and a year with Maid2Clean

Introducing Fiona Price from Maid2Clean Armagh and Down
11th April 2013
Fiona Price talks to us about her Maid2Clean business in Armagh and Down

Introducing Frances Poole from Maid2Clean West Lothian
7th February 2013
Frances Poole talks to us about her Maid2Clean business in West Lothian

Maid2Clean Franchise

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Why Choose Us?

Maid2Clean has No staff overhead costs, No cleaner overalls to provide, No expensive cleaning equipment to buy, No cleaning materials to buy, No transportation of cleaners or equipment from 1 job to another, No third parties involved – learn the business directly from the franchisor, No cash flow problems – clients pay in advance of the cleans, No van purchase/hire costs, No invoicing or cash collections, No need to ever meet a client, No dependency on highly skilled staff

What Our Franchisees Say

We took out our franchise in October 2007 and,without doubt,it was the best move we have ever made.

David and Glynda Savage, Franchisees

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