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Nationwide Cleaners Business
Domestic Services Franchise

Nationwide Cleaners Business | Domestic Services Franchise

The Nationwide Cleaners Franchise:

Nationwide Cleaners is a domestic services business.  As a franchisee this company can offer you a MASSIVE TERRITORY of around 200,000 households (which is about 400,000 people.) This facilitates a fast start for your business and maximises your eventual income. Other franchises that often charge more only give a territory that is half this size.

Unlike some competitors with vast quantities of franchisees, Nationwide Cleaners still have many excellent territories available, so you have a good choice of the best areas for your business rather than badly-performing areas that no one else wanted in inconvenient locations!

As a franchisee virtually all of your income is automatic with monthly direct debit payments from clients paying you upfront, so you do not have any cashflow problems or have to chase debts.

Nationwide Cleaners Business - Domestic Services Franchise

Advantages of the Nationwide Cleaners Franchise:

  • Work from home
  • Flexible hours for either full time or part time
  • No sales skills needed
  • No more commuting
  • No staff worries
  • No invoicing to do
  • No stock to carry
  • Clients pay you in advance
  • Work/life balance
  • Call centre available if you cannot answer phone calls
  • Massive potential earnings

Nationwide Cleaners Business - Domestic Services Franchise

As a Franchisee:

As a franchisee you typical daily tasks would be:

  • Hiring new cleaners and speaking to existing cleaners
  • Speaking on the telephone to new and existing clients
  • Processing payments
  • Speaking to leaflet delivery staff

Nationwide Cleaners Business - Domestic Services FranchiseBelow is a testiomonial from Nationwide Cleaners Business owner Alex Markov, pictured right. He makes over £100,000 a year working from home. You can speak to him before meeting a Franchise Director.

"This is probably the best franchise if you want to start a business.  If you want to find somebody to guide and teach you how to start a business, to learn and organise every aspect of it, to get a sound, regular income even during a recession, you will not find a better franchise than this."

If you are determined and follow the Nationwide Cleaners' tried and tested system, receive  continuous support and guidancewhenever you have questions, you will be successful and they prove this with a 100% money back guarantee.

The Investment:

This is a White Collar Management Franchise. You therefore never do the cleaning yourself and employ staff to do the work. You can enjoy flexible hours working from home. You can start your business for £7,999!

The Nationwide Cleaners Business is the Winner of the best cleaning franchise 2016 in the Business Excellence Awards.

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Nationwide Cleaners Franchise

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