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Introducing Lynda Buntin from WPA Healthcare Practice

20th August 2014

Lynda Buntin was recently named as WPA Healthcare Partner of the Year and talks about her business in Northampton and Peterborough.

Lynda Buntin, recently named as WPA Healthcare Partner of the Year, says:

"My WPA mentor told me: 'Persistence is incompatible with failure', and I apply that to my business 100 per cent. Combined with WPA's strong product offering, efficient back-up, and support for Healthcare Partners to grow their businesses, persistence has helped me increase my client numbers five-fold in four years."

WPA - Lynda BuntinLynda, who covers the Northampton and Peterborough area, says:

"When I bought the business in 2009 it was providing insurance for 200 people. Now we insure over 1,000. Friends said I was mad to leave my job as a company secretary and apply for a Healthcare Partnership but I thought, 'If I can make this work in a recession, WPA must be a good business'. Now I know I was right."

Lynda had no insurance industry experience but her background helped. She says:

"As a company secretary I purchased corporate health insurance so I understand customer's concerns. I have run my own businesses so I know the pressures they face."

She also attributes much of her success to networking.

"I attend business networking events twice weekly," she says. "I enjoy meeting local business people and have become known as someone to go to for reliable health insurance advice. Initially much of my business came this way but now more comes from referrals, and I expect that to grow."

Local accountants, financial advisors and human resources professionals also refer clients to her.

"It helps that WPA is different from most insurers," she says.

WPA is a not-for-profit organisation that will tailor plans to suit customers, and premiums are based on the claims experience of its whole policyholder community, so customers making a claim do not suffer huge premium hikes.

Lynda believes her extraordinary high levels of customer retention are not only down to her passion towards customer care but more so because WPA looks after their customers incredibly well!

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