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17th May 2007

Chris has set himself a personal goal of achieving a billing figure of fifteen thousand pounds per month and is well on the way to this target.

Chris Baker joined Auditel in 1998 and works from his home-based office in South East Wales. Chris has set himself a personal goal of achieving a billing figure of fifteen thousand pounds per month and is well on the way to this target. Auditel Franchisee, Chris Baker

“Hard work, persistence and determination” are just a few of the qualities that Chris highlights as essential for someone considering an Auditel franchise as a method to successful self-employment. He attributes his continued success to his belief, faith and confidence that he would reach his personal goals. An important client to Chris is Aardman Animations who are famous for creating the Wallace and Grommit characters. Chris has been working with them to reduce their business overheads for just over two years.

Tony Prescott, Facilities Manager for Aardman, recalls their initial meetings, “My colleagues and I were very aware that we wanted to maintain high levels of service, while simultaneously cutting costs. The portfolio of clients Auditel worked with really impressed us”. Chris continues: “Aardman had already carried out an in-house review of their expenditure which had proved successful in reducing their overheads. Most companies believe they have their costs under control, but Aardman was one of the few I have worked with who really did run a tight ship. I was impressed with the level of savings they had achieved, but I was still able to recommend significant cost reductions in a number of areas.”

Auditel franchisees have always had the benefit of an incredibly detailed personal development programme and Chris attributes much of his success to this. He concludes that good selling is not about telling but more about building relationships and rapport with others and says you have to believe that you can achieve.

Auditel Support ImageChris has committed himself to reaching his goals and is using the tools and support that the Auditel franchise network has empowered him with. He enthuses: “The ability to run your own business with minimal interference and prescriptive guidelines is especially appealing, but also having the back-up support if I need it. I love the freedom of being able to be close to my wife and two young children and avoiding the commute!”

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Im in my 30s and my Auditel business makes me 15,000 a month. This affords me the lifestyle I want including frequent family holidays to our second home in Turkey.

Chris Baker, Auditel Consultant since 1998

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