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20th October 2011

Mike Andrews, with a BSc (Hons) in Construction Management, joined Auditel in February 2005.

Mike Andrews, with a BSc (Hons) in Construction Management, joined Auditel in February 2005. Prior to this he was Business Development Manager for Laing Construction and later, held the same role in a multi-professional building design company.

Auditel ConsultantThis work had given him a broad range of project management experience and an in-depth knowledge of identifying and delivering opportunities and innovative solutions for lowering and managing business overheads.

Mike recalled: “I always wanted to work for myself but was never comfortable with the idea of going it completely alone. With my experience, I felt that I could succeed if I found the right franchise model.”

On becoming an Auditel consultant, he applied his knowledge, offering valuable advice and delivering significant savings to organisations across many sectors. These include the hotel and leisure industries, commercial property and IT. Now after nearly six years the business is well established, his life has changed, as has his goals.

“Helen and I got married three months after my initial Auditel training. We knew we wanted to start a family so it was really important that my new business gave me control over my lifestyle as well as good income-earning potential. I’m not afraid to work hard but I want choice over when and how I work. That’s what I have as an Auditel consultant. We now have two children, aged 2 & 3, and seeing them grow up at close hand is very important to me. I’m now able to take time to attend the key events as they grow up!

“Even with a franchise I didn’t expect it to be easy but I also felt very confident that I was up for the challenge. I use my core skills to manage my client relationships. I have developed partnerships with colleagues who are happier doing the research and analysis, to maximise the value of my time and effort. My financial goals have always been ambitious but to date I’ve always managed to achieve them.

"The great thing about an Auditel franchise is that you get out what you’re prepared to put in. While I work long hours, that’s my choice and the rewards all come back to me and my family, not my employer. I get to make all the decisions about my business and that gives me a real buzz. I’ve got control over everything, from choosing my clients and colleagues, right down to which software packages and mobile phone I use. I also choose and plan my holiday entitlement!”

Mike is now reaping the benefits of his hard work without the constraints of office rules and politics. He concludes: “Having just extended my franchise license for a further 10 years and being so busy, I have now decided to take on an employee in order to continue to grow and develop my business. It will also allow me to leverage my time, focusing on the areas I’m best at and provide cover and continuity when I’m not there. Having learnt such a lot in the last six years, I’m now in a position to help develop our systems further and pass on my experiences to other affiliates, just as I had help offered to me when I joined. This is some of the most rewarding work of all!”

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