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26th October 2009

Banking veteran Gordon Brearly was convinced a franchising model would work for him and after extensive research decided on Auditel Franchise.

Newark-based Gordon Brearly had 20 years of senior management experience with NatWest/Royal Bank of Scotland. He had already taken the plunge into self-employment as a banking industry consultant but this involved too much time away from home. He was convinced by the franchising model and working with a proven system which would enable him to ‘quick-start’ a business without having to develop a new concept.

Gordon BrearlyGordon said: “After extensive research, Auditel stood out for me. It fulfilled my criteria for a professional opportunity that would allow me to maximise my earnings, while working flexible hours from a home base. From a business point of view, the concept of saving costs is simple and attractive. It would be easier to sell than a discretionary purchase such as training. However, the main deciding factor was the calibre of the Auditel network and Head Office team who were friendly, professional and welcoming.”

Following his initial training, Gordon reported: “I arrived with no clear idea of how I would present this cost management service to prospective clients. I left with the confidence to identify good opportunities and use various approaches for making contacts. I learned to explain what we offer in a valuable, compelling way, differentiating our service from that of competitors and to close the sale. My objectives were more than satisfied!”

Posed with the question of what challenges he had faced, Gordon answers: “No single challenge stands out. It’s possible to sign clients and it’s possible to make useful savings to create income, so the business system works. I’m not very fond of filing and there is a lot of paper involved in the audit! This is hardly insurmountable and easily offset by the enjoyment I get from building long-term business friendships.”

Gordon’s confidence in the demand for the Auditel service has proved well-placed. The conversion rate of prospects to clients attainable by Auditel must be amongst the highest. Already he has built a solid client base, including estate agents, care providers, manufacturers, service companies and charities. He and a colleague have recently been appointed as cost managers to the members of the Doncaster Chamber of Commerce. He reveals: “We have just secured a water refund of £16,000 for a North Lincolnshire Hospice. We have reduced gas costs for a local cement works by over 40%. We have saved 36% on line rentals for a firm of accountants through alternative technology. For most clients, savings are rarely less than 20% across the board. The only thing these clients have in common is that they need me to manage and reduce their costs! “

Gordon is very confident about the future. He explains: “I see myself spending most of my time on client recruitment and management, and joint venturing the analysis with colleagues. By maximising my personal strengths in this way, I believe I’ll have a very good business with many clients and a strong income stream. Eventually, I’d like to spend my winters in a sunnier climate working from southern Europe for three months of the year and just return periodically for client meetings.”

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